• All foreign correspondents wishing to visit Ghana are required to complete an Application for Press Accreditation Form at the nearest Ghana Diplomatic Mission. The application, which should be accompanied by three passport-sized photographs, will be forwarded to the Director of the Information Services Department in Accra for processing. To avoid delays, the application must be received in Accra at least ten days before the planned date of arrival.
  • In the event of the need for correspondents to travel at short notice to cover breaking news in Ghana, permission can be sought through the Director of the Information Services Department in Accra. Fax: (233-21) 22 80 89. Tel.: (233-21) 22 71 02. E-mail address: dirisd@ncs.gh.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • The visiting correspondents should indicate the purpose of their visits, members of government and officials they would wish to interview, and places of interest they would like to visit.
  • Request for an interview with the President should be accompanied by questions for the interview. The questions should be received in Accra not less than four weeks before the arrival of the correspondent in the country.
  • Requests for interview with Ministers of State and government officials should be made through the Information Services Department.
  • Visiting correspondents should, on arrival in the country, report at the Information Services Department for accreditation before they undertake any assignment. A fee, the cedi equivalent of US$20.00 per head, is charged for the issue of press cards to foreign correspondents.
  • The accreditation covers only one visit. However, accreditation for resident foreign correspondents is given for a year and may be subject to renewal. Application for renewal should be accompanied by a written confirmation from the correspondent’s employers that he is still in their employment. A fee, the cedi equivalent of US$100.00 per head, is charged for the issue of accreditation covering a period of one year.
  • Correspondents based in areas where there is no Ghana Mission may fax details of their travel documents and flight schedules so that the necessary arrangements can be made for them to be issued with entry permits on their arrival in the country.
  • Personnel of the Armed Forces, Police, Immigration, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) and Prisons should not be photographed, filmed or interviewed without prior permission being sought through the Director of the Information Services Department.


Conditions for Filming in Ghana

Feature Films

  • A script including the cast will have to be provided by the team for consideration and approval. Preferably, this should be submitted ahead to the Director of Information Services Department through the local Ghana Mission.


Documentary Films

  • A synopsis or ‘treatment’ (as the case may be) will have to be provided for consideration and approval through the local Ghana Mission to the Director of Information Services Department.
  • The team will be required to give an undertaking that the film will be ‘shot’ strictly according to the approved script, synopsis or ‘treatment’. In the case of any deviation, this will have to be cleared with the Director of Information Services Department.
  • The team may hire equipment, facilities and personnel from the GAMA Media Systems Ltd. (GAMA). Library stock shots may be purchased at GAMA. Rental schedules are available at GAMA on request. Fax: (233-21) 22 71 12. Tel.: (233-21) 22 86 81.
  • A Ghanaian facilitating officer will be attached to the team.
  • Before arrival in Ghana, the team should submit through the local Ghana Mission, an invoice of equipment to the Director of Information Services Department. The equipment will then be cleared duty-free on the undertaking that all items listed will be re-exported.
  • A copy of the unedited film will be made available free of charge to the Director of Information Services Department in Ghana or to a representative of the Government of Ghana in the country of the foreign organisation which sponsored the film.


Issued by The Information Services Department, Accra (February 2004)

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