Survey on Diaspora Engagement Policy of Ghana

Dear Friends,

The Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President, is leading a consultative meeting to discuss Ghana’s Diaspora Engagement Policy with the diaspora community. In this regard, this survey instrument has been developed to gather relevant thoughts on pertinent areas of the policy to ensure that it addresses significant concerns of respective diaspora associations across the divides/nations.

The survey results will be used purposively (alongside views gathered from the consultative meetings) for revising sections in the draft Diaspora Engagement Policy of Ghana. You are therefore entreated to kindly take your time to read the questions carefully, and provide your responses accordingly and as soon as you deem fit. However, you have the discretion to respond or not to respond to all the questions in this survey. Please note that your responses will not be attributed to you or your associations, but will be treated together with all others as a collective thought towards particular issues raised by the policy. You are not required to disclose your name or identity as you respond to the questions.

Thank you very much in advance for spending time to contribute to shaping Ghana’s diaspora engagement policy which is intended to support the development of Ghana’s diaspora communities and their participation in national development back home. Please feel free to share with your friends and family as well.

This survey is promoted by the Diaspora Affairs (Office of the President of Ghana) with the support of the Migration European Union eXpertise (MIEUX) Initiative, which is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).

Please find the link to the survey:


Best Regards,

Fauziah Ibrahim

Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President

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