Echoes from the Year of Return

“Echoes from the Year of Return” is a workshop curated by the embassy to shed light on the tourism potential Ghana has, and how pivotal this potential is for our nation’s development.

Two round tables of resource persons have been set to inform you on our country’s viability as a tourist destination and also its eagerness to welcome foreign direct investment.

Our first panel will host individuals from the private sector based here abroad who returned to Ghana. They will give us an account of their experience.

Our second panel which will be followed by a Q&A session will feature key individuals from the public and private sectors. This fact based panel will look to give greater insight into the inner workings of the Year of Return policy and what the next steps are for the country as it pertains to tourism.

We look forward to entreating all friends of our beautiful nation to a very warm and insightful evening.

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